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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 26, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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this breaking news is happening in the east bay where police evacuated five apartment complexes in richmond all because of a gas leak. this is a map to give you an idea of where this is taking place. this is right near the marina. pg&e crews telling us they severed a main gas line about one hour ago, about 10:00 this morning. they are trying to figure out the diameter of this line, reported to be anywhere between three and eight inches. so far, no word on when they expect to cap that leak. of course, we will keep an eye on that situation in richmond for you. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. learning new details this morning about a reported sexual assault at an apartment complex
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in santa clara. a woman there says she woke up to find a man with a box cutter in her room on homestead road. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live on the scene with exactly what police are saying. good morning. >> reporter: the alleged sexual assault happened in one of the ground floor units of the apartment complex you see behind me. police are still out here investigating right now. police say they received a call shortly after 4:00 this morning from a woman who said she had been sexually assaulted. police say the victim is in her 20s and report she had woke up in her bedroom to find a man she did not know hovering over her. she reported he was holding a box cutter and sexually assaulted her. >> yeah, there's no ongoing search for any specific individual at this time. >> reporter: the victim was taken to nearby hospital. police are not commenting on her condition and tell me they have
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not yet been able to interview her. neighbors say they think the map got in through a window of her apartment. police are looking for the public's help this morning. they are asking for anyone who saw anything suspicious this morning around 4:00 in the morning in the area of homestead boulevard and kylie avenue in santa clara to call santa clara police. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. now to what's happening in who who the man accused of kidnapping three women in cleveland, holding them captive for about a decade and raping them repeatedly has reached a plea deal with prosecutors. nbc's chris clackum reports this means ariel castro will avoid the death penalty. >> reporter: the trial of ariel castro was scheduled to start week after next in cleveland, but not now. castro pled guilty friday. >> the plea agreement has been reached in this matter. are you fully aware of the terms and do you concept sent to that agreement? >> i'm fully aware and do
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consent it to. >> reporter: he admitted to kidnapping three women, holding them cap any a house in cleveland about ten years and raping them repeatedly, even fathering a child with one of them. castro avoids the death penalty because, among the nearly 1,000 criminal counts he faced, were two counts of aggravated murder stemming from accusations he punched and starved one of the women until she miscarried. >> do you understand, mr. castro, upon entering this plea, you will never be released from prison? >> i do understand that i knew i was gonna get pretty much the book thrown at me. >> reporter: the plea also spares castro's victims from having to relieve those years in captivity. the three released a youtube video earlier this month. their first public comment since their rescue in may. >> i'm getting stronger each day and i am having my privacy helped immensely. >> reporter: formal is next thursday where cast sfroektsed to expand on something he said at friday's
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hearing. >> i was also a victim at a child. >> reporter: not expected to change the plea agreement, which calls for castro to get life in prison without parole plus 1,000 years. chris clackum, nbc news. much closer to home, a 15-year-old girl is free once again after she was allegedly held captive for at least two months and raped by two drug dealers in lake county. federal agents say this girl was held inside a box for days at a time. authorities say 30-year-old ryan biletto and 24-year-old patrick pairman also used her to help cultivate their major marijuana grow. the criminal complaint filed in u.s. district court in san francisco just days ago says biletto kidnapped the teen in los angeles, úyuhu her to his clear lake home where the two men would lock her in a four-foot by two-foot by two-foot tool box. investigators say the girl would live in that box for up to three days at a time and breathe through air holes drilled in the box.
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officials say when they raided the clear lake property in may, they found more than 1300 marijuana plants, a serious stash of military grade weapons and sexual bondage gear. both the suspects are being held without bail. if convicted on these federal charges, they could face life in prison. investigators today searching for a suspect in what appears to be a home invasion robbery in fremont. they say the suspect tried to force his way into a family's home about six last night with a gun and with pepper spray. now, a man did get inside that home, got into fights with the man inside the house. there shots ended up being fired two children were also inside that house. fortunately, they were able to escape along with the woman and that man. now, police say the gun was found inside the home. a perimeter was set up to find the suspect but police believe he left before they were in place. the suspect described as a hispanic man in his early 30s, bushy long ponytail, goatee,
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tattoos above both eye brought and last seen wearing a gray zip-up jacket, gray t-shirt and blue pants. city leaders renewing their push for increased security in oakland. xñ&ing, they held a news conference at the site where 66-year-old woman was gunned down earlier this week. judy solomon died while driving her car just blocks from her east oakland home on wednesday afternoon. and while pains in and police investigate whether she was caught in the middle of a gun battle or died in a robbery that turned deadly, one thing is certain, distraught neighbors say they want better public safety and they want answers. >> just simply, we're tired of being tired. it's time for us to take our streets back, neighbors, i petition you, if you know anything about these murders, call -- call opd. call your city council, let's get involved, let's take our
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streets back. >> police are still looking for the gunman who killed the woman. a peninsulaman in jail this morning for what police are calling a vicious hate crime attack. san mateo police arresting santo mark kez. they think he attacked the 55-year-old victim saturday morning, beating the victim in the head and face with a large bicycle u-lock that looked very similar to this one on your screen. police say mark kez and the victim do know each other and the attack is related to the victim's sexual orientation. these types of crimes are extraordinarily sensitive and we take it very seriously, just like many police agencies do. and we make it a high priority to hold accountable all people that perpetrate this type of crime. >> marquez was booked into san mateo county jail for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated mayhem while committing a hate crime. the former police officer who pepper sprayed students during an occupy protest at uc
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davis is asking for workers' compensation. john pike claims he suffered "psychiatric injury" stemming from the confrontation back in november 2011. this video of pike dousing protesters with pepper spray went viral and he says he received several threats as a result. he was fired in july of last year after an investigation found that his actions were unwarrant a settlement conference is scheduled for next month in sacramento. financial troubles appear to be getting worse this morning for santa clara county's private ambulance company. county officials concerned about whether rural metro group will be able to continue its life-saving services. they met with the company's ceo yesterday. the bay area news group reports officials telling the company they will be seeking alternatives if the ambulance provider cannot meet its contract. the ceo says the ambulance provider will catch up on its late payments within ten days to avoid breaching $375 million
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contract. an elderly person in northern california's glenn county is recovering from west nile virus. the woman lived just north of sacramento and is the first confirmed human case in the united states this year. the virus has been detected in birds in alameda county and mosquitos in santa clara county. tonight at 11:00, the santa clara county vector control will fog for mosquitoes in east san jo jose. you can see this map here, the affected fogging area is bordered by landis avenue, interstate 680, old piedmont road and berryessa road. the second fogging in san jose this season. a butterfly that makes its home along the sand dunes in antioch is reportedly on the brink of extinction. the butterfly has gone from 2300 in 1999 to just 86 butterflies last year. some conservationists blame pg&e, saying nitrogen from the company's nearby power plant is causing a weed to grow and kill
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the butterfly's host plant. the conservationists say they plan to sue the environmental protection agency to require pg&e to do more to help protect the the utility company says its power plant is one of its cleanest and it's doing its part to protect the butterflies. it's been a non-stopped a venture and yes, a full schedule for pope francis over in brazil. yeah, he's been very, very busy, surrounded by all those people, but's his aides who say they are stressed out. plus, i bet you can smell it. the smell is in the air. the fun competition kicking off the annual gilroy garlic festival. and the mysterious death of a hacker who was to talk about a big secret in just a couple of days. take a look in business and technology. and we've got a lot happening in the bay area for this weekend. the great news is temperatures are not going to be too hot. the garlic festival, america's cup, giants and a's all in town
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and we have got your forecast for everything when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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arguably rio de janeiro in brazil is known most for its world-famous carnivale but its extremes, a city where people are very rich or extremely poor. and as nbc's anne thompson reports, pope francis has been trying to connect those worlds with an appeal that has been drawing remarkable crowds. r7 were on copacabana beach, a rock star reception. millions here for world youth day. one young woman so overcome she could barely get the words out, until the pope came to the rescue.
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unlike monday's mayhem, this ride is shorter and safe. security everywhere you look. warships off the coast. soldiers among the tourists along the beach. sharpshooters on the roof overlooking the pope's speech at a soccer field. this is a big test for rio, which will host soccer's world cup next year and the 2016 summer olympics. security for both events will be built from this $48 million command center. 1,000 traffic and security cameras were positioned across the metro area. >> you can see the routes. >> reporter: these are the papal routes here? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: pope francis shows no indication he is worried about security, confidently walking through one of rio's most dangerous slums, right at home among the poorest of the poor. an advocate for social justice, the pope calls for the wealthy of brazil to do more for those who have so little.
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today, pope francis continues that theme, meeting, he's did, in rome with young criminal offenders. i'm ape thompson? rio. now back to you. >> all right, anne, thanks so much. back here, wanted to give you an update on the breaking news we brought you at the top of this newscast. police have evacuated five apartment complexes in richmond because of this gas leak. this seems to be the leak here, recent the marina on marina bay parkway where these apartments have been evacuated. pg&e crews telling us they saefrd three-inch gas line about 10:00 this morning so you can see that pg&e crews are on scene. no word when crews expect to cap the leak, breaking news we will keep our eye on for you. >> absolutely. speaking of gas leaks a brand-new warning out today
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about gasselves to. scientists at lawrence berkeley lab say these stoves could expose your family to dangerous air pollution levels ten times higher than what the epa says is even safe outdoors. now, researchers find people who cook at least once a week with a gas stove, they can inhail damaging and even deadly pollutants. that can increase your risk of respiratory problems, heart disease and even worse. >> when particle levels are higher outdoors, we see more hospital admissions. we see more people getting sick with the array of cardiovascular illnesses and even more deaths over time. >> we can also tell you a simple range hood can dramatically minimize health risks. experts, they recommend using the back burner and also setting the fan on high whenever you cook. if you don't happen to have a fan, they suggest you open up a kitchen window. other news, san francisco computer security expert has unfortunately died days before he is about to show the entire world a very strange hack. >> scott mcgrew, we don't know
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much yet about the death of barnaby jack. >> yes, good morning, only know he died within the city limits of san francisco and did so on thursday, all we know. froo thank is from the medical examiner. i did talk to sfpd a short time ago them said the medical examiner had not called them in. from that, we can infer it does not appear to be a crime, at least at this point. jack was best known perhaps for this video, where he stood up at a hacker's conference los angeles and showed how he could make an atm spit out money without even touching it. he told a reporter he was nervous on the drive down from san jose because he had two atms in the back of his car. wonder what he would tell police if he were stopped. jack was to present at the black hat conference, which starts tomorrow in las vegas. and in his talk scheduled for next week, he was to talk about the vulnerability of pace makers, that they, too could be hacked. turning to financial news,
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it is a lower indictmeday on th markets, starbucks turning in its financials, the company said it had its best quarter ever. back to you. >> scott, thanks so much. so the question this morning is -- >> yes. >> can you smell it? >> talking about my new cologne? >> yeah. smells great. one of the biggest food events in america is happening right here in the bay area. and it kicked off an hour ago. >> yeah. this old english is what i'm wearing you. 395th annual gilroy garlic festival we are actually talking about the main event today, a little something new. it's called the garlic bowl. it at this time pitts the executive chefs from san jose state, uc berkeley and fresno state against the other ones to see who can cook the best garlic dish. have to know what you are doing with the hot flames out there, the winner, a nice little prize here, gets the $5,000 scholarship to pay for their school. the gilroy dispatch has san jose favorite to walk away with the title. >> we wish them the best.
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it will certainly be a hectic night on bay area roadways to say the least. along with the usual commuter traffic, almost 150,000 more people are expected to head to san francisco and oakland tonight. more than 50,000 will pack candlestick park for the justin timberlake and jay z, legends of the summer concert. >> that's going to be hot. >> will be a good show. gkh/ show the promoters are are urging people to get to the park before 5:00 for the 7:30 show. and the giants and a's are both playing at home as well. best plan, use public transportation, carpool or leave plenty of time to get where you are going. as my grandfather says -- >> good advice. >> leave early or be late. >> i like that. >> weizman. a buffet of outdoor activities? what kind of activity we looking at? >> nice for the weekend, big convenient, never plan that when they plan the concerts and everything else. usually a year in advance.
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boy, oh, boy, did they pick great weekend. live look at sinole, inland cities feeling the best of the weather rate now, show you san francisco. murky sky overhead. plenty of low clouds. we still have those flight delays, want to check ahead, get away friday after all, temperatures are running much cooler, most of your cities now, nine degrees cooler, 24 hours ago, san martin, high pressure firm any control, seeing enough of an onshore flow, yeah, for that beautiful, beautiful onshore flow, that fog, low cloud cover, natural coolant like we like to think of it moves onshore. 72 in san jose now, 74 livermore. warm conditions for today, going to be headed to tahoe, have to point out one more time, we have that risk of flash flooding later on that goes for this evening and going to go for tomorrow and sunday as well. so keep that in mind, a lot of people head up there this time of year, 88 on the way to livermore, 79, santa theresa, 76, fremont. let's get to it. this is what happened across the bay area. giants game tonight, at&t park, 55 degrees, wind out of the
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west, 10 to 15 miles an hour. take care of that ball out to center field, take october cubs. catch that game tomorrow night here on nbc bay area. america's cup, louis vuitton series, 63, will be cool. bring your jacket. won't need a coat in gilroy. temperatures aren't going to be too hot this year for the first time in the past two years. we are not talking about the 90s in gilroy. that is very welcomed news for a lot of people headed out that way. sunday into monday, things start to change. we have got a cool cuil down headed our way for the first week of august, guys. you got to love that beautiful in a bitter ya, especially this weekend. jay z, justin timberlake, thanks for watching, back to you guys. >> right, jt, give me a call later. >> got your number, huh? big time. i like it. i'm not mad atia. still to come, we have angels in the outfield and a pigeon in the bullpen. >> tell you how a major leaguer came to the rescue of a stranded bird at the oakland coliseum. [ male announcer ] so you used the wrong flea killer.
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welcome back. an l.a. angels player came to the rescue of a bird at the oakland coliseum. >> a little side note to the ballgame last night, a pigeon wandered out in the angels bullpen there you can see the halo. they were taking on the a's. angels' reliever dane de la rosa doing the right thing, proving schiff val very not dead. picks up the pigeon, strolls away, out of harm's way, eventually frees the bird, sets him out into space. de la rosa addressed that pridgen rescue later on twitter saying he actually named the bird, named him randy. no explanation yet why. he also add as he did the right thing here as well, made sure to wash his hands afterwards, twice. >> i like it. i also like his twitter handle. did you catch that? it was one -- the underscore dude. the dude. >> the dude?
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all right. great movie, by the way. one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> coming up, we will show you a lambeau made from scrap metal after the break. never said lambeau.
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finish up here, something pretty cool, i think, design studio over in asia developing a prototype for a lamborghini made from scrap metal. >> desires of the new format studio in kyrgyzstan developed the first krg lamborghini. >> looks like a batmobile. >> does. it took three months to assemble, he found lamborghini design drafts online and developed his own design using random car parts. >> throwing it together. look what i did. >> for instance, the base is a 1982 volvo platform, the wheels from a bmw x 5, used random plastics, carbon steel and glass. >> ram bore greeny can be anything you want. >> have a good weekend.
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join us tonight at 5. bye. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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